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Non Disclosure Policy


This is the policy that Altos Web Solutions Inc headquartered at 89434 Sparks, 1955 Baring Blvd, NV (USA), in the person of the president (hereinafter AWS) intends to comply with all its customers when AWS personnel come into possession of confidential information – considered confidential – owned by the customer. For confidential information, it could be economic, technical and market news, news relating to the customer’s economic activities. AWS confirms that its personnel have been properly trained and instructed to comply with the confidentiality obligation regarding the information they become aware of. The behavior of AWS staff is based on compliance with the following principles

  1. AWS personnel will keep Information received from its customers in any form in strict confidence, and will not disclose it to any third party without the customer’s prior written consent.
  2. The information collected will not be used for purposes other than the established purpose without the prior written consent of the customer without limitation of the foregoing, AWS acknowledges that the use of the Information for purposes other than the purpose will require a specific written agreement.
  3. AWS will limit access to the Information received only to its employees, representatives, contractors or consultants and those of its affiliated companies for whom such access is reasonably necessary or appropriate to achieve the purpose. Such persons will be subject to confidentiality restrictions in line with this agreement and in particular will not be able to use the information.
  4. AWS agrees to at least the same degree of care in protecting Information from such disclosure as it does with respect to its Confidential Information and trade secrets.
  5. The obligations indicated above do not apply to Information that:
    1. is in the public domain at the time of disclosure or subsequently becomes public through no fault of AWS;
    2. were known to AWS prior to disclosure, as evidenced by concurrent written AWS documentation;
    3. are disclosed to the Customer by third parties who have not obtained such information, directly or indirectly, “subject to an obligation of confidentiality”;
    4. are, at any time, developed independently by AWS, as evidenced by the concurrent written documentation of AWS; e. the disclosure of which is required by law, a court order, or a governmental body (in which case AWS will notify Customer with reasonably practicable notice and disclosure will only be made to the extent necessary, and safeguarding confidentiality to the extent reasonably possible).
  6. The obligations established in this Policy, except for different specific exceptions given by the Customer to AWS, will remain in force for the entire duration of the activity and for the next 24 months from its termination for all non-technical information; for functional and project specifications, the confidentiality obligation will remain in force for 3 years.
  7. Information received from the customer will be deemed to be the property of the customer, and AWS, upon receipt of a written request from the customer, will return all information received in tangible form or destroy such information and all copies thereof or documents containing the information.
  8. The credentials are considered personal and therefore AWS personnel, at the time they received them, must undertake to modify them immediately and when these credentials are no longer essential for the purposes requested by the customer, they must notify them immediately, possibly consign them and destroy them immediately afterwards. beyond recovery.
  9. AWS acknowledges that the violation or potential violation of this commitment may cause damage to the Customer who may act in any legal form to protect its information assets declaring itself willing to pay compensation
  10. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, for the entire duration of the activities in progress, AWS undertakes not to establish, directly or indirectly, any relationship of development and / or marketing and / or provision of services and / or employment and / or consultancy, with collaborators working for the customer.
  11. For the duration of the ongoing activities, AWS also undertakes not to establish direct commercial relationships with the Customers to whom they have been introduced by the Customer for Products / Services in direct competition with it, unless specifically agreed in writing.
  12. There are no representations and warranties except those expressly indicated. AWS will not assign or or transfer to any Third Party, without Customer’s prior written consent, this commitment.


The customer must communicate via email using the web form or another email made available by AWS for the purpose or directly to the CEO email or to the email dedicated to privacy which information is considered confidential and that it accepts the published NDA version or how you want to change one of the clauses of the Pluvblicato NDA. The acceptance email from AWS automatically implies the signing of the agreement. However, even without explicit signing, the behavior of Aws will be based on the indicated policies

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