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Website Monetization Pays Off

You can actuate 11 proven strategies to build a profitable website. We can stand by your side recommending tools, and methods how to productize your ideas and how to wrap a good business model, if you wish.

Online in-person shopping assistant

No answers, no sales!
According to Forrester, 50% will abandon a purchase if they can’t receive quick answer to their question.

Web Chat Live-Agents

When the visitor is asking for help, this is the best moment to get his highest attention.
A moment before, it’s too soon.
A moment later it’s too late.

Blog Writing Service

Sorry if we don’t use AI to write a blog post!
We publish SEO optimized content focused on beating what your competitors have published.

Digital Agency Services

We outsource the service – which you were used to doing directly – to a digital agency, ensuring that their costs are lower than your internal costs.

Say it with Web

With your website you can transmit any type of communication: commercial, public, confidential, audio, interactive, etc.

To make it friendlier and more attractive, you can select ready-to-use components from dozens of really interesting ones. Without limits.

Editorial Expertise

After much searching, we decided to adopt the United Nations editorial manual which, although from many years ago, still seems to be the most complete one. Then starting from that we will adapt it to meet your tastes.

eBook Authoring

In recent years we have witnessed a progressive reduction in the pages of an e-book: from 30 pages to 3 pages!
The challenge is to always be able to excite with just 3 pages!

Project Management

If someone tells you that becoming a good PMO takes 3-4 years then ask them what the PMO needs to know to satisfy the customer, the company, and its team.
In our opinion, in his doggy bag he must put a pinch of finance, a marketing perfume, a portion of human resources, a first course of safety, a dessert of legality, a previous aftertaste of a salesman and not having yet digested his previous experience of software development and finally the highlight is to think like a truly successful entrepreneur!

WebSite Design

WebSite Development

Lean Software Projects

MS Azure


Dot Net


Windows OS


MS Excel








Talend Studio


Lead Funneling

When a visitor enters your site then funnellings strategies must be launched. 
Below are just some of the techniques to widen the funnel of sales hope. 
Knowing how to dose the many techniques available is the key to success.

Account Base Marketing

Web Monetization

Buzz Marketing

Lead Funneling

Affiliate Marketing

Lead Funneling

Advocate Marketing

Lead Funneling

Content Marketing

Say it with Web

Landing Page Marketing

Say it with Web

Inbound Marketing

Lead Funneling

Lead Funneling

Lead Funneling

Lead Generation

Lead Funneling

Lead Scoring

Lead Funneling

Moment Marketing

Lead Funneling

Navigation Optimization

Lead Funneling

Search Engine Marketing

Lead Funneling

Programatic Advertising

Lead Funneling

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Lead Funneling

Device Responsiveness

Say it with Web

Email Deliverability

Lead Funneling

Social Media Marketing

Lead Funneling

User Experience Optimization

Say it with Web

Website Visitor Tracking

Lead Funneling

Lead Nurturing

Say it with Web

Marketing Automation

Lead Funneling

Web Analytics

Lead Funneling

Enhanced Newsletter

Say it with Web

Virtual Event Marketing

Lead Funneling
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