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Software Customization Policy



Please refer our Refund policy


30 days from passing the acceptance test or from the date of our communication of the delivery date, in case of silence from the customer.
The guarantee restarts from the beginning when, within the active guarantee period, a bug or a new inconsistency with respect to the requirement document is detected.
In case of continuous malfunctions, the customer can request a full refund and, in the event of our disagreement, PayPal will evaluate the justifications of the customer and the seller to decide if the customer is entitled to a refund and to what extent.
PayPal is able to refund from our account even if we disagree.
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Turnkey solutions

We consider turnkey solutions when the price exceeds 150.00 USD.
The common roadmap is below although we are open to consider different customer proposals. 

  1. Prepare the complete backup copy of the entire website;
  2. Deposit it in our FTP area dedicated exclusively to you;
  3. Notify when the upload is finished;
  4. We will upload your backup to our online development environment with password protected access.
  5. When our development is finished, we will notify you and you will have a full week to do all your tests until you pass the acceptance test.
  6. We will deposit your website in our FTP area where you can download it.
  7. The warranty period will start from that date. For more details, please see our warranty policy.

Small adjustments and configurations

We consider a small adjustment when the quote is below USD 150.00.
We ask for payment in advance.


Our quote is valid for 3 working days unless otherwise specified.
After this deadline, the quote may be requested again because the price and delivery date may vary.
We only make estimates in USD.

Staging Area

Our internal policies do not allow us to enter the customer’s production environment.
When you provide us with your credentials, you are aware that the credentials pertain to your pre-production environment.
Credentials usually mean:
• WordPress access protection
• WordPress administrator
• FTP access

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